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Ride Maps

Club members have recorded some maps from their GPS devices, mainly smartphones to record routes we have travelled on the Sunshine Coast and beyond. These are recorded and stored on the club website. See the menu or by clicking below. Due to the demise of Bikely, may of these routes have been misplaced or lost so be patient while we rebuild the collection of maps available.

Note that due to the recent demise of Bikely, there are limited ride maps available online so I ask that you be patient while I try and rebuild the website.

The Sunshine Coast Regional Council also provide footpath and cycle maps for the entire Sunshine Coast Region. There are 3 maps provided in PDF format and can be downloaded from the following link: . There is also links to the Coastal Pathway and Mountain Bike Trails on the Sunshine Coast.

I have checked with the Information Centre on 6th Avenue Maroochydore (Cnr Aerodrome Rd) and they advise me they still only keep a copy of this old Translink map for reference, but have no spare copies to give out. If you need paper copies and are unable to print these out yourself you should either buy a Brisway Street directory or check with your regional Sunshine Coast Council Office in case they do provide paper copies. For best result you should print these files on A3 Paper and in landscape orientation.

If you have a cycling route you would like to share with other members

You can do one of the following:

a) Describe the route in text form and supply in an E-Mail or as an attachment to an e-mail in Text format (Windows Notepad/Wordpad).
b) Using a GPS device (Such as a Smartphone), get a GPS  tracker app and use it to map the route as you cycle, download and e-mail the GPX file created for uploading to the Ride Maps section of this website. Either Strava or My Tracks are good tools to map routes on a smartphone. Suggested Android Apps as of 18th November 2019

Note: To save battery, would suggest you allow GPS to work in background so the screen is not always on and the device will still record GPS.

On Android Devices:

Settings --> Battery
Power Saving Mode and Ultra Power Saving Mode are turned off
Smart Resolution are turned on
Launch, Manage all automatically Turn Off
Under Optimise, leave screen timeout to 30sec, Leave GPS Turned On, Leave Autorotate on
Battery Percentage, select next to icon

MAPFACTOR: This App uses openstreetmap so you can use this without the internet connected to follow existing routes and record new routes. Would suggest you download the free maps using this app so it can be used this way after initially installing it for the country you are riding in. The reviews I have seen indicate the interface is a bit clumsy and hard to navigate, but works very well. You can use ES FILE EXPLORER to navigate your android device drive to select gpx files and select the app to add these routes to its menu.
To Records New Route:
1) select My Places
2) Record/re-play/manage tab at top
3) Record as GPX button at the bottom
To Navigate an existing route:
1) select My Places
2) Record/re-play/manage tab at the top
3) A list of recorded maps will appear. Tap on the map then select Show on Map
4) Tap on map once, a popup menu will appear at the bottom of the map. select the Navigate button

Word of Warning with Mapfactor Navigator (It may apply to other Apps as well), if recording a route and you stay stationary for more than 2 minutes, it resets the distance, but this will not prevent it from recording a map. If stopped for long periods suggest stop recording and start a new recording, especially if you need to use any other apps on the phone as it may interrupt the recording. GPX Editor will be able to merge all segments into one GPX map.

Under Settings then Map Manager you can select which location maps are recorded to. The default Map location is /mnt/sdcard/Android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/gpx should you wish to use Myphoneexplorer to download the GPX files.



GPS Tools by Virtualmaze. This also has a built in record feature, but has a speedo style interface where you can see speed and distance travelled in real time. Simply press record to start creating a gpx file of the route. Uses Google maps if you wish to see the route recorded.

The Default Map location is /External Storage/gpx/Mymaps/Gpx. Could not find the setting where you can make external storage the default for recordings.

Note: Android App called "My Tracks" (May no longer be available from Google Play Store, so click here 12.07mb to download the APK file, transfer to your android device using a cable and then use 'ES Explorer' App to install it) allows you to track & map bike routes as you cycle, and it's a free App! Note: found lately the app is unreliable and stops recording of the route periodically for no apparent reason. Use the Options from the main record screen to export the recorded track to a GPX file after you have recorded the route. The Bikely site allows you to upload this GPX file into the editor so you can set waypoints on the route. I have tested this on my Samsung Galaxy Ace android phone and it works beautifully.

Other suggestion is to use Strava for either Android or Apple iPhone. Only issue I have is it doesn't store the map on the device, so you need to have internet access to upload completed map to the Strava server before you can access it.

GPX Navigator for your bike

There is an app called "Cycle-Bike" for android phones (Also Free) which will guide you through the route if your not familiar with it. Just download the GPX file from the Bikely website and upload the gpx file to a folder on your GPS android smartphone. Open the GPX file from the "Cycle-Bike" app and away you go. Peddle in the direction of the arrow on the App - it couldn't be simplier. If anyone knows of a better free App that displays where you are on Google Maps that takes a GPX file then let me know. The alternative is mapfactor (free version) as descriped above, at least the maps are on your phone and you don't need the internet on to record.

Recommended: Mapfactor navigator, then next best is Track Navigator by Thunk Monkey (Download from Google Play Store) for Android Smart Phone is also free and gives you a picture of where you are at on the google map as you move. You can zoom in far enough to see if you are supposed to cycle on the bikeway or on the road. It will also scroll the map on the device as you move providing you use the zoom buttons on the google map screen. You do have the option in Track Navigator to speak out the weypoints set on the route as you cycle it, so its important this is done in Bikely. The downside is that it will drain the battery much faster as the screen is always on. It also has the option to look at other cycling maps mapped by other individuals close to you using the website Unsure how well it would work if you are out of mobile phone range.

 Viewranger GPS for Review:

Strava App for Apple / Android Smartphones does a similar function to Track Navigator and is also free from the Google Play Store.

Exporting Maps from Strava (If the Ride Is Done By Your Device)

1) Logon to Facebook then Strava under your web browser.
2) Click on the Ride Map for the ride you wish to view/export from all the rides available under your logon.
3) Click on the Map once, then the spanner (Action Settings) to the left of the ride map displayed in the web browser.
4) A pop-up menu will appear. Select "Export GPX" from this menu and follow the prompts to save the GPX to your hard drive.

Exporting Maps from Strava (Someone Elses Ride)

1) run the following shortcut to bring up the Garmin Tool.
2) Enter the URL eg ""into the window for the Strava ride you wish to export.
3) One the map has finished processing, select the hyperlink at bottom of the page displayed in step 2 to export the crs file generated for the Garmin. Save the file to your hard drive.
4) Download and install Routeconverter from the following link ""
5) Start the Routeconverter application. Select "My Routes" folder on the right and press the Add button in bottom right hand corner.
6) If you get a properties screen pop-up then enter a meaningful description for the ride.
7) Select "File" then "Save As" to export the file as a GPX.
8) Upload the GPX file to

GPS Editors for including Waypoints, and editing routes

See GPS Tracks Editor for merging these tracks at (Free Download for Windows PC) then try upload the file again. Once Map loaded, locate point in GPS column on the right, right click on start each segment (Green Flag) and select Restructure then Remove Break.

Sometimes there is a delay when the GPS tracker starts. Use the Sourceforge GPX editor at (Free) to remove timestamps before joining tracks if you need to recreate the full route.

All ride map updates should be submitted to the Webmaster if you want them published on the Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club Website.

Free Cycling Paper Maps

Free paper copies of three cycling maps (Noosa, Nambour-Maroochydore and Caloundra) for the entire Sunshine Coast are available from the Tourist Information Centres at Corner 6th Ave and Aerodrome Rd Maroochydore and Jessica Park on the Nicklin Way Minyama. These maps have cycling paths listed that are not marked on a UBD.

Ride Difficulty Ratings:

0 = Flat and Easy with no hills, 1= Moderate, with some small hills, 2=Hard, Undulating terrain, 3=Hard 4=Brutal with lots of hills.

Ride Locations - Select from Map below to see what rides are available.



Summary of Rides by Location

(North Coast)
(Central Coast)
(South Coast)
(West Bruce Hwy)
Outside Sunshine Coast
Coolum Beach (3) Bli-Bli (5) Buddina (5) Beerwah(1) Brisbane (2)
Eumundi (0) Buderim (4) Bokarina (2) Glenview (0) Gold Coast / Tweed (0)
Mudjimba (3) Forest Glen (0) Caloundra (2) Imbil (0) Moreton Bay (0)
Noosaville (1) Maroochydore (3) Currimundi (4) Kenilworth (0) Somerset (2)
Sunrise Beach (0) Mooloolaba (2) Dicky Beach (5) Landsborough (0) Wide Bay (0)
Sunshine Beach (0) Mountain Creek (4) Golden Beach (2) Maleny - Mary Cairncross (0)  
Tewantin (2) Sippy Downs (5) Minyama (2) Mapleton (0)  
Tinbeerwah (0)   Warana (0) Nambour (0)  
    Wurtulla (3) Palmview (0)  
      Palmwoods (0)  
      Witta (0)  
 9 Rides  23 Rides  25 Rides  1 Rides  4 Rides

Total of 62 Rides mapped to date.