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Help 8.4 Troubleshooting - Spam Filtering of Club E-Mail

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Introduction: Due to the abuse of many out there on the internet sending unsocilicted e-mails, it is necesssary for e-mail providers such as Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail etc to implement SPAM filters. An unfortunate consequence of this is that legitimate e-mail ends up in Spam and for anyone like myself where a separate program on your computer received the e-mail, you won't get it because it is sent to SPAM. You however can reverse the SPAM filter to allow e-mails to go to your inbox again by following these instructions below:


1) Open a Web Browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge etc) and enter in the address bar of your browser. Logon to your account as per normal. On the left hand side you will see 'More'. Click on that you will see 'Spam' folder showing under this tree. If you click on that Spam folder and discover club e-mails in that folder you need to mark club e-mails as safe so they go to your inbox in future.

2) On the top right hand corner press the settings cog, select 'Settings' again from the pop-up menu. Select 'Filters and Blocked Addresses' from the top menu. See figure below:

3) Click 'Create a new filter' link as per screen shown above. Now on the following panel type in the following, then press 'Create Filter'.



Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club - Help - 8.4 Spam Filtering of Club E-Mail

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Help 8.4 Troubleshooting - Spam Filtering of Club E-Mail

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4) on the following panel, all you need to tick is 'Never Send it to Spam'. Click 'Create Filter'. See below

5) You should now receive e-mail from anyone in the club who send it to you. Thats it. Now for anyone with a smartphone using the gmail App this should now start appearing on the device. Spam as a rule does not shop up on any computer e-mail program or smartphone app so the only way to access it and make these settings is through the web browser using the settings above.