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Help 8.2 Troubleshooting - Antivirus Blocking website

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Introduction: Some webpages may produce an error 'Page was here a minute ago' as in Microsoft Edge around the time you receive an error message from your Antivirus saying the website is blocked. After that all you can do is close the page and log back onto the members area. In order to access the website you need to mark it in your Antivirus / Internet Security Program as 'Safe'.


Trend Micro:


1) Select 'Trend Micro' icon from the bottom right tray in Windows. Select 'Open the Main Console' from the pop-up window.


2) Select the 'Settings' cog just to the right of the Scan Circle.


3) Select 'Exceptions List' from the left side menu.


4) Select 'Websites' from the left side menu then press 'Add' button at the top of the screen. See figure 1 below:



Figure 1 - Website Exceptions Screen>


5) Select 'Apply' then 'OK'. Try logging onto the website again.