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Help 7.4 Updating the Website Newspage

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Introduction: There is a news page on the club website that needs to be updated after an e-mail has gone out to the club membership. This news will be available to members who cannot receive the club e-mail for a variety of reasons.


Checking out the Website News document for Editing


This step marks your membership number against a document for updating. This will prevent other members from making changes to this document and uploading it until you check it back in therefore preventing loss of your changes to the document.


1) Logon to the members area of the website then select the administration TAB.


2) Select the Documents Maintenance program from the administration page. The documents manager home page should appear as shown in figure 1.


Figure 1 - Selecting the news document for checking out so it can be edited


3) Select the document entry called Website_Page,News_Page,  then press the Checkout button to mark the the document for editing by yourself only. In figure 1, "Website_Page, News_Page" is selected by clicking on the circle to the left of this document. Press the Checkout button.


Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club - Help 7.4 Updating the Website Newspage

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Help 7.4 Updating the Website Newspage

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Downloading a copy of the News Web Page


4) When you press the Checkout button as per step 3 on the previous page, you should see the page as shown in figure 2 appear.


5) Press the Download File button (figure 2) to obtain a copy of the news page directly off the website. Save the html file down to the hard drive of your computer.



Figure 2 - Checkout Panel for News Page


6) Press the Checkout for Editing button to mark the documents out to yourself for editing. This prevents any other member from uploading replacement document until you upload and check these documents back in.


Note: If the Checkout for Editing button does not exist on the screen, it is more than likely another member has already checked out the document for editing. Next to Name and Contact details (See above in figure 2) you should see the name and contact details of the member who has currently got the document out for editing. Contact the member and ask them to check it back in and let you know when this is done. You will then have to return to the panel in figure 2 to download the files again (As it contains the last members changes) before you can checkout and start to make your own changes to these files.


7) Now make changes to the HTML document using Microsoft Word or your favourite webpage editor and save the changes.


Uploading and Checking in a Document


8) Select the document for updating the server files (See figure 1) then press the Checkin button.


Figure 3 - Checking in the News Page Panel


9) Use the Browse button to select the webpage document you edited in step 7. (See figure 3)


10) Press the Checkin and Upload button to upload the selected file in step 7) to the server and unmark the files from yourself for editing. This file will then be available for the next person to edit. Alternatively you can use the Upload and leave Checked Out if you want to test the download of the file from the server and check the contents before you release yourself as having sole possession to edit the document. In the case of news page editor, you might wish to use the Upload and leave Checked Out to keep the file permanently assigned to yourself for changes but just upload the changed file only.


11) If you elect to have the News Page permanently assigned to you, all you need to do is follow steps 1, 2, 7 to 10 only when making changes to the Website News Page.