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Help 6.2 Emailing the Membership

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Introduction: The E-Mail utility is used for sending messages to all members of the club or selected subscription groups regarding club news and upcoming events.

Intended Audience: Members with administration access to send e-mail messages to all members and/or selected ride groups only.

1) You will need to logon to the members area of the club website, select Administration TAB then E-Mail Utility from the menu. The main screen appear as shown in figure 1. Set the target audience on who you wish to send the e-mail to - see the description below. If you don't see the Administration TAB in the right top corner of your screen then you do not have permission to e-mail the membership.

Figure 1 - Who to send the e-mail to

Profile Status: will be set to 'Everyone' as a default. Using the membership database maintenance it is possible to suspend a member for various reason. The most common reason why members are suspended is for being late in renewing membership or suspension from the club form inappropriate behaviour. The other options you can select for sending a message is for only Active Members and Suspended Members.

Membership Status: will be set to 'Everyone' as a default. You do have the option to send he e-mail to Financial or Unfinancial members only.

Send the E-Mail: This only appears in the E-mail shown in the development and test environment. Gives the option to just generate a log file only without sending the e-mail for debugging purposes. It gives the option to e-mail everyone or just yourself so you can see what the e-mail looks like.

Header with your photo & Club Logo: This shows the senders photo of themselves and club logos at the top of every e-mail sent. This is set on as a default.

Include your signature: This is the signature block you have created which will be attached to the end of every e-mail. The signature block can be entered as HTML code for formatting using preferred fonts, colour, size, style (unline, bold, italics). At the bottom of the e-mail screen you will see the custom signature block. If you use Save Signature it will appear as a default for every future e-mail.


Figure 2 - Customised HTML code for signature at end of every e-mail, with an example on how the signature will look

Include News Header: WIll insert the phrase club news with todays date and time between the club logo at the top of every e-mail and the start of the message you composed. This is turned off as a default.

Ride Groups - Select E-Mail Subscription Groups: Select which group(s) you wish to send the e-mail to. If its to everyone then tick the box just left of the word Everyone. You do not need to tick any other box. Note that not all boxes may be active for selection as it depends on the members security profile. Ride group co-ordinators for the Saturday ride groups may only be able to tick their ride group only. You can tick multiple boxes if permissions allow say if you want to send the e-mail to 30Km and 33Km ride groups only.


Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club - Help - Help 5.5 Google UBD References

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Help 6.2 Emailing the Membership

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2) If you have documents you would like to send to the membership, then use the screen in figure 3 below to add them. You can send up to 5 attachments. Select the Browse button to select the documents. If you select the wrong file by mistake use the Remove File button. When choosing attachments, best use Acrobat PDF files as attachments as this is supported on all platforms including Windows, Mac, Android Phone and the reader is free. The link to install Acrobat for Windows appears throughout the club website as this is the format used for club documentation such as membership form.

Figure 3 - Attaching Documents to your e-mail

3) Enter a Subject and Message Contents next in respective fields. HTML code can be pasted into the Message area for formatting of Font Size, Colour. As a default any message typed will be sent as Arial in 12pt font and in Black. See Figure 4

Figure 4 - Subject and Message to be sent to members

4) After you have entered your message, you can embed E-Mail address, Website addresses and links to pages on the club website (Non-member areas - see Figure 5). Note that any website Addresses and E-Mail addresses will be appended to the very end of the message you are composing. When the member receives the e-mail, these addresses will appear as clickable links.

For example, you may wish to send a link to a particular help webpage on the club website, for example reminding ride co-ordinators to collect names for the upcoming quarters ride calendar. The press the Add Link Button. See Figure 5 - SCBTC page.


Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club - Help - Help 5.5 Google UBD References

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Help 6.2 Emailing the Membership

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Figure 5 - Sending the link to Collect Event/Ride Leaders for Calendar

5) When finished composing the e-mail, press the Send Email button at the bottom of the screen (See figure 5). You will see a progress bar appear showing the status of sending e-mails. See figure 6 for an example.

Figure 6 - Progress sending e-mails

6) When complete the spinning wheel below the progress bar will turn into a button. Press the button to return back to the e-mail main screen. You can do another e-mail or press the button Return to Administration if complete.