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Help 5.3 Making/Removing yourself an event/ride leader

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Introduction: The Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club (SCBTC) is always looking for volunteers to lead rides. In particular we chase up members to lead rides quarterly just before the start of every season (Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer). The reason we do this is so we can complete a printable paper calendar for distribution to bike shops, non-members and club members who do not have access to the website via a computer, tablet or smart-phone, These paper copies are usually available for collection at the After Ride Social Event (ARSE) on the 2nd Saturday of March, June, September and December.


The easiest way to make yourself a leader for rides/events is to use the members area of the website (Preferred). This help document explains how to do it, and the process is very easy. If you still have trouble being able to do it, then e-mail your preferred ride and contact number to your ride group co-ordinator or calendar editor (See club contacts page for person - note that e-mail addresses for these contacts can only be found in the members area contacts page)


Intended Audience: All members of the Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club. Non-members don't have access and cannot be ride leaders until they join the SCBTC. You require member access to the website in order to access this feature.


Quick Guide - Making Yourself an Event/Ride Leader

    (1) Logon to members area and select Calendar TAB.

    (2) Select the time period from the "time period / organisation" drop-down box (optional).

    (3) Use Navigation Bar bottom of the page to find page which contains event and select the page from Navigation Bar.

    (4) Click on the "Make me Contact" link next to the ride/event that does not have a leader

    (5) If you have multiple phone numbers, select the one from the drop-down list you prefer to use (Preferably Mobile Phone no).

    (6) Tick the box if you want your e-mail address displayed on the calendar in the non-members area.

    (7) Press Continue button. Your name is then registered on the website as the contact for this ride / event.


Making myself a ride / event leader


1) You will need to logon to the members area and select the Calendar TAB.


2) From the drop-down box called Time Period / Organisation, select the calendar time period. As in this example you are looking for rides / events that require a leader for the Autumn 2015 calendar, you select this from the drop-down box accordingly to only list these rides in the calendar. See figure 1.

Figure 1 - Selecting the Calendar Time Period


3) If you need to jump to a page that contains later events, you can scroll down to the navigation bar at the bottom. Say for the Autumn Calendar you aren't available to lead rides until after 2nd May. In this instance you would click the link (5) 02-05-2015 to list rides / events starting from 2nd May. See figure 2.




Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club - Help - 5.3 Making/Removing yourself an event/ride leader

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Help 5.3 Making/Removing yourself an event/ride leader

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Figure 2 - Selecting the Event to add a ride leader


4) Scroll down the list of rides on that page and look for a ride with a link "Make me the Contact". See figure 3 for an example of a ride without  a leader. If you wish to lead that ride, you would select the "Make me the Contact" link.


Figure 3 - Example of Ride Event without a Leader

5) Now you need to select which phone number to use and weather you want your e-mail address displayed in the non-member calendar page. If you only have one phone number, this will be displayed and you will not have any choice to change it (Like shown in figure 4). For members who have registered more than one contact phone in their members profile you will get a drop-down box displayed so you can select your preferred contact phone number. Where possible use a mobile phone number and carry it with you on the ride in case members need to contact you on the day or during the ride. If the phone number displayed is incorrect, you will need to go to Members Profile TAB in the members area to change it before returning to this screen. See figure 4.


Figure 4 - Selecting a Phone Number and use of E-Mail address


6) Press the Continue button to return to the calendar events page. Your now registered for this ride and if this is done before the calendar cut-off, this will appear automatically in the paper copy of that ride calendar.



Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club - Help - 5.3 Making/Removing yourself an event/ride leader

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Help 5.3 Making/Removing yourself an event/ride leader

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Removing myself as a ride/event leader


7) Sometimes situations arise later down the track where you cannot lead a ride. It is highly recommended you remove yourself as ride leader. You will notice that any ride you are registered against in the members area calendar, there will be a "Remove me as Contact" link. Selecting this link will remove you as leader from that ride/event. By doing that, it gives other members the choice to register themselves to lead that ride. The latest contact information on the website will then be up-to-date should any riders need to contact the leader regarding that ride/event.