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Help 4.6 Member Contact Finder

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Introduction: Any member can look up the club database to find any club member. The amount of information you are able to access depends on what the member has authorised you to see - it includes home, work and mobile phone number, home address and e-mail address. When a new member is added, no personal information is shared as a default. This contact information you wish to release to the membership can be updated following the instructions in help document "2.4 Changing your Personal Contact Information". Administrators of the club can override these settings and view all available information available on a member.


1) You will need to logon to the members area. See Help 1.1 Logging onto members area if you don't know how to do this.

2) Click on the Club Information TAB. See Figure 1 below. Select Find Member sub-menu. See Figure 1.


Figure 1 - The Contacts Screen

3) Enter part of or all of the name for first name and/or surname. If you enter firstname only the list to select from will be sorted in firstname order, otherwise it will be sorted by surname. Press the Find Member button. See the member selection list as shown in figure 2 will list from the member that starts with the characters entered. Click on the circle next to the member you are after then press the Select Member button.

Figure 2 - Member Selection Screen

4) The details are shown like the example in figure 3. You can lookup another member using the box at the top of this example. If a member you are looking for has elected not to share any contact information, then you get a message similar to "This member (93,1) has elected not to share their personal contact information at this time". Any items of information your not authorised to see will have the message "<Member has not given Authorisation>"


Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club - Help: 4.6 Member Contact Finder

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Help 4.6 Member Contact Finder

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Figure 3 - Member Details Screen