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Help 4.1 Past Ride Calendars

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Introduction: The website maintains an archive of past ride calendars. This is used as a reference for ride leaders in planning rides for the upcoming calendar. The past calendars are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format which is available for download using the link on the page. Adobe is available on all platforms including mobile phones, tablets and computers.


1) You will need to logon to the members area. See Help 1.1 Logging onto members area if you don't know how to do this.

2) Click on the Club Information TAB. See Figure 1 below. As a default Calendar sub-menu should be selected, if not then select it. See Figure 1


Figure 1 - The Past Calendar Screen


3) Click the Download Button next to the Calendar you are after. You will be prompted as to where it should be saved. Some devices give the option to open the document after it is downloaded so you can see it immediately in either Abobe or the web browser.


Note: Past Ride Calendar Information is not available from the non-members webpage calendar. If using the Calendar in the members area, there is a filter near the top of the page to display past events. Due to website space restrictions the past information may not go back too far from the current date. Only the current ride calendar and previous calendar are available in the non-members area under the Calendar menu item.