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Help 3.2 Viewing Any Members Advertisements

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Introduction: There is a page in the non members area where all club members and anyone outside the membership can view advertisements from our members. It also gives anyone the ability to also print out the advertisements with up to 6 pictures on an A4 sheet of paper for posting in billboards.


1) From the website home page, select "Members Advertisements". See Figure 1.

Figure 1 - Members Advertisements Menu Item


2) A list of current member advertisements will be displayed on the page. Above the footer a navigation bar may appear if there are several pages of advertisements. If you wish to see the full details including all photos click the button View Full Page Advertisement with all Photos. If you are interested in the item, call the phone number on the advertisement or by e-mail by using the button Send a message to this advertiser.


Figure 2 - Members Advertisements Menu Item


Printing an A4 Poster of the Advertisement


3) From any advertisement as shown in Figure 2, press the button View Full Page Advertisement with all Photos. The advertisement will open up in a new Browser Window. At the bottom of the page, press the button  Print this Page if you want to send the advertisement to the printer.