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Help 2.5 Subscribing to Ride Groups

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Introduction: There are many ride groups within the Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club (20km, 25km, 30km, 33km, 34km, 35km, 40km, Mountain Bike and Sunday rides). There are members known as ride co-ordinators who manage these groups to find members to lead rides, mentor new ride leaders or even host events only relevant to that ride group. In order for your ride group representatives to contact you by e-mail about any news related to your group, you will need to subscribe to all relevant ride groups you wish to participate in.


1) You will need to logon to the members area from the SCBTC homepage. Locate the logon bar on this page and enter your membership name and number to continue. See Figure 1 (Example, logging on as 'Sam Jones').



Figure 1 - Logon Bar on the club website Homepage


2) Select the Members Profile TAB. You should see your contact details as currently registered on the membership register. See Figure 2 below for an example.

Figure 2 - The top part of your Contact Page (Sam Jones Example)


3) To change your ride group subscription, press the Change Details button at bottom of this page.


4) Locate this box near the bottom of your screen - see Subscribe to Ride Groups (Figure 3). Tick the boxes for ride groups you wish to receive correspondence from. You can select any number of these boxes if you ride with multiple ride groups.


Figure 3 - Subscribe to Ride Groups


5) Press the Update button at the bottom of the screen.