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Help 2.4 Changing your Personal Contact Information

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Introduction: There may be times when you need to update your personal contact, especially when moving house or changing internet service provider or e-mail provider. This includes mailing address, phone and e-mail address. All members of our club can update their contact details themselves by using the members area.


1) You will need to logon to the members area from the SCBTC homepage. Locate the logon bar on this page and enter your membership name and number to continue. See Figure 1 (Example, logging on as 'Sam Jones').



Figure 1 - Logon Bar on the club website Homepage


2) Select the Members Profile TAB. You should see your contact details as currently registered on the membership register. See Figure 2 below for an example.

Figure 2 - The top part of your Contact Page (Sam Jones Example)


3) If any of your contact details need updating, then press the Change Details button at bottom of this page.


4) The first box is called Household Details (Figure 3). This contains the address and home phone number for the place of residence where you and the rest of your family members who belong to this club. Note that if you change anything in this box, all family members in your household will be updated with the same information.


Figure 3 - Household Details


5) The second box is called Member Details (Figure 4). This information, including password is specific only to the member in that household. This includes Name, E-Mail address, Work and Mobile Phone Number, Security Question and password. Members can even upload a photo of themselves.


Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club - Help - 2.4 Changing your Personal Contact Information

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Help 2.4 Changing your Personal Contact Information

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Figure 4 - Members specific information

For members who hold a club role, it is highly recommended that you upload a picture of yourself. This helps for completeness of the site by having your picture displayed on the Contacts page automatically on the club website.


The security question is used in the event you have lost your password. On the home page of the SCBTC website, there is a button called Get Password (See figure 1). If you have specified a security question you will be asked this before your password is e-mailed back to you.


6) The third box is called Share My Personal Information (See figure 5). This gives you the option on what personal information about myself I would like to share with all members of the SCBTC. If you leave all boxes unticked, then members (Not administrators) will not be able to see your contact information or profile picture. If you tick at least one box then members can see your profile picture and that item of information you have ticked. To search for club members, logon to the Members Area, Select Club Information TAB then Find Member sub-menu.


Figure 5 - Share my Personal Information


Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club - Help - 2.4 Changing your Personal Contact Information

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Help 2.4 Changing your Personal Contact Information

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7) The fourth box is called E-Mail Subscription. If you tick any of the ride groups, then the co-ordinators of that ride group can then e-mail you specifically about that group. A common usage for this feature is if ride group co-ordinators need to find a leader. Its a case where ony those who subscribe to that ride group need to be notified and not the entire membership.


Now if you don't want to receive any e-mails from the club, then tick the Do NOT receive general e-mail correspondence box. You will not receive e-mail from anyone in the club which is generated from this website.


Figure 6 - Subscription to Ride Groups


If all members updated this subscription facility, then it would be possible to generate address list for any ride group or for the entire club. After you press the Update button to save your changed information, you will see your profile displayed with a button Generate Address List by Ride Group. This will allow you to select what ride group to print out the report. Ordinary members can get a members list with phone and e-mail addresses, but only what each member appearing on the phone list has given you access to. Administrators can get an entire e-mail / phone list for all members.


Press the Update button to save your changes to Address, Phone Number, Email Address, E-Mail Subscriptions and Ride Groups you belong to. Thats all there is to it. Your changes including e-mail address come into effect immediately and there is no need to contact anyone about contact details changes if you do it from the Members Profile TAB.