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Help 2.3 - Creating a Club Membership Contacts List

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Introduction: Members have the choice of what contact details (home phone, work phone, mobile phone, home address and e-mail) they can share with any other member of the club. This can be updated directly in the members area in the Members Profile TAB (See help "2.4 Changing your Personal Contact Information"). As a default when a member is entered into the website database, no personal information whatsoever is shared! Administrators however have the option to create a list of all members with all phone numbers and e-mail addresses. This will be explored in more details in this document.


1) Logon to the members area (See help document 1.1 if you don't know how to do this)


2) From the members area, select Members Profile TAB. See Figure 1

Figure 1 - Entering your name into the logon bar to retrieve password


3) Look down the bottom of the page, you will see "e-mail subscription to these ride groups" box. Press the button Generate Address List by Ride Group.  See figure 2 below:


Figure 2 - Enter your e-mail address and town/city


3) You have the choice of Ride group to select from. If you don't want 'All Members' then select another ride group from the list. For the type of address list chosen, "Only what member has authorised" is available to all users. Administrators also have the choice of "All Details". Enter your preferred selection(s) and press the Create Address List button (See Figure 3). To generate the report.



Figure 3 - Entering the answer to the security question you have set previously


4) Once the report is generated, you will get the members contact list report screen (See figure 4). Click on the 'Here' link to download it.


Figure 4 - Report Download Screen

Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club - Help: 2.3 - Creating a Club Membership Contacts List

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Help 2.3 - Creating a Club Membership Contacts List

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5) Once you have clicked the 'Here' button, a download bar may appear at bottom of the screen (Windows 10 Users). Click Open if you want to display it in your browser, or Save if you want a copy on the hard drive. Press Return to Calendar Report and Extracts button when finished.



Figure 5 - Windows 10 File Download Bar


6) If you select Open a new web browser TAB should open with the address list in it. Use the browsers menu to print the membership address list if you want it on paper. It is customised to print on A4 paper in portrait orientation.