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Help 2.2 - How to access the Club News

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Introduction: All members by default receive the club news via an e-mail address usually from a committee member or office bearer. For anyone without an e-mail address the news page on the website can be accessed either from within the members area, or the News TAB within the non-members area. Note that not all news sent out via e-mail will appear on the club news page, and for this reason we recommend that all riders become members of this club and get themselves an e-mail address on the internet.


To access the News Page from the Website


Members Area

1) Logon to the members area using the logon bar from the homepage at - See Figure 1.

Figure 1 - The Logon Bar displayed on the Home page of SCBTC


2) If you are successful in logging on, the news page should appear as shown in figure 2..


Figure 2 - Members Area News Page and Member Information Banner


Non-Members Area

1) From the non-members area, select the News menu item (As highlighted in Red) - see Figure 3. The news page will be displayed and is identical in content to the one shown in the members area.

Figure 3 - The News Menu in the non-members area


Receiving club news by E-Mail


See document 6.1 Not receiving the Club E-Mail for further information on troubleshooting and to set the option to receive the club e-mail on or off as required.