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Help 2.1 - When is my membership due for Renewal

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Introduction: All members membership is due for renewal at the same time on the 1st January every year. There is an easy way to find out if your renewal payment has been successfully processed and its as simple as logging onto the members area of the website. The amount payable for renewal will depend on the number of members in your household who are members in the cycling club, and the age of the members (If under 18). See the membership page for details on how the membership fee is calculated.


To find out when membership is due for renewal in your household


1) Logon to the members area using the logon bar from the homepage at - See Figure 1.


Figure 1 - The Logon Bar displayed on the Home page of SCBTC


2) See figure 2 below. You can see from the membership bar just above the tabs than Ian Jope is member 81,1 and his membership expires on the 1st January 2015. This information is displayed at the top of all pages while you are in the membership area.

Figure 2 - Members Area News Page and Member Information Banner


3) If the membership expiry is incorrect, please contact the membership secretary if the membership expires has not been updated after a renewal. For new members the membership may only be for part year as all member renewals are due on the 1st January every year.