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Help 1.3 - Resetting a password for any Club Member

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Introduction: If the member is unable to recover the password for their members area access (See help document 1.2 Retrieving Lost Password), or their account is suspended due to too many failed logon attempts, the only course of action is to allocate a new password. Note: Administrator access is needed to membership data to perform this function.


The member resetting the password must have administrator access to membership data maintenance in order to reset anyone's password.


1) Logon to the Members area of the website then select Administration TAB.


2) Select Membership Data Maintenance to start the program.


3) In the Find Member box, enter the name of the person to locate their membership number (See Figure 1). On the next page, mark the circle next to the name and press Select Member button to return the membership number. Alternatively enter the membership number and household number of the member if you know it onto the screen as shown in figure 2. (Member 81, Household member number 1 in this example).


Figure 1 - Locate the members membership number


4) Make sure the membership number and household member number are on the screen as shown in figure 2.  Now press the Reset Password, Email Details button to take you to the password reset screen. See Figure 2.


Figure 2 - The Main Page of the Membership Data Maintenance program



Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club - Help: 1.3 Resetting a password for any Club Member

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Help 1.3 - Resetting a password for any Club Member

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5) The members name, contact details  and household details are displayed on the reset password page so you can match the e-mail address used that submitted the request or check with the member is actually the person making the request and not someone trying to hack the account. At the bottom of this page is the password reset panel (See Figure 3). If you are satisfied the request came from the member, then enter a replacement password and press the Continue button.


Figure 3 - The password reset panel


6) The password e-mail is then sent out to the member making the request to have it reset. The E-Mail will contain the users name, account details and password. (See Figure 4)


Figure 4 - The Password Reset request has been sent out via e-mail to the member