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Help 1.2 - Retrieving a lost password for Members

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Introduction: Members have a way of retrieving a lost or have forgotten password and/or membership number/name to access the members area. Follow the steps below to recover your logon details to the members area, and if that fails please contact the Membership Secretary to have your membership details resent. If you have received a message that your members area logon is suspended due to too many failed logon attempts, then these instructions will not help you now. You will need to send a request to the membership secretary to have a new password issued to you in this instance.


1) From the Home Page of the club website, enter your name into the Membership No/Name field and press the Get Password button. See Figure 1


Figure 1 - Entering your name into the logon bar to retrieve password


2) Enter your e-mail address and town where you live and press the Continue button. See figure 2.


Figure 2 - Enter your e-mail address and town/city


3) If you have entered your security question previously, you will be asked for an answer to that security question. Enter your answer and press the Continue button (See Figure 3) If the security question is not set, you will be asked for a security question and an answer to it instead then press Continue button (See Figure 4)


Figure 3 - Entering the answer to the security question you have set previously

Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club - Help: 1.2 Retrieving a lost password for Members

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Help 1.2 - Retrieving a lost password for Members

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Figure 4 - Setting a Security Question and Answer as it is not defined on your profile


4) An E-Mail will be sent to your currently registered e-mail address on our website. Open the sent e-mail to retrieve your members area account details.


Figure 5 - E-Mail Message with Members Access Area logon details


5) If you need to change your Security Question, Answer, E-Mail address or password, logon to the Members Area and select Members Profile TAB. See Help document 3.1 Changing your Personal Contact information for further instructions to make these changes.


6) If you receive a message at logon that your members area account is set to suspend your account on too many failed password attempts, you will need to get a new password issued from an administrator. See help document 1.3 Resetting any members password for instructions . This is only available to website administrators and a request for a password reset should be sent to the membership secretary. Note that following these instructions to get your password e-mailed back to you will NOT undo the suspended account due to too many failed logon attempts.