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All of these document are formatted in such a way that they can be printed on an A4 sheet directly from your web browser. Select the help document appropriate to the problem you are experiencing. If these documents can't help you then contact the webmaster for advice.


   1.0 Access to Members Area

      1.1 Logging onto Members Area

      1.2 Retrieving Lost Password

      1.3 Resetting any Members Password


   2.0 Membership Information

      2.1 When is my Membership Due

      2.2 Membership News

      2.3 Membership Contact List

      2.4 Changing your Personal Contact Information

      2.5 Subscribing to Ride Groups


   3.0 Advertising your Bike Gear

      3.1 How to Advertise your Bike Gear

      3.2 Viewing Any Member Ads and Print a Poster

      3.3 Managing Advertisements (Administrators)

      3.4 Managing Advertisements for Non Members (Administrators)


   4.0 Club Information only available to Members

      4.1 Past Ride Calendars

      4.2 Club Rules and Constitution, Insurance, Leading Rides and Safety

      4.3 Member Discounts

      4.4 Annual General Meeting Forms, Agenda and Minutes

      4.5 Club Role Contacts List

      4.6 Member Contact Finder

      4.7 Useful Websites

      4.8 Software for Printing Ride Calendar & Website Maintenance


   5.0 On-Line Calendar Update

      5.1 Adding Calendar Events (Administrators)

      5.2 Adding Calendar Events (Ride Leaders)

      5.3 Making/Removing yourself an event/ride leader

      5.4 Collecting Ride Leaders

      5.5 Google UBD References for Events

      5.6 Adding Saturday Group Rides

   6.0 Club E-Mails & Correspondence

      6.1 Not receiving the Club E-Mail

      6.2 Emailing the Membership

      6.3 Generating a List of E-Mail Addresses


   7.0 Maintain Documents on Club Website

      7.1 Adding, editing, removing website documents

      7.2 Uploading New / replacement documents

      7.3 Upload a new Ride Calendar

      7.4 Update the website news page

   8.0 Troubleshooting

      8.1 Timeout error when using the website

      8.2 Antivirus Blocking Website

      8.3 Difficulty Logging On to Members Area

      8.4 Spam Filtering of Club E-Mail