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Cycling Information - Bicycle Safety

These guides contain important information when riding your bike within our club.


Guide to riding in groups (PDF - 223.19 KB)  

Calls and Signals on Rides (PDF - 280.56 KB)  

DTMR Cycling Road Rules April 2014 (PDF - 167.36 KB)  


For the latest information on how to ride your Bike, Bike Maintenance standards and Queensland Road Rules specific to bicycles please refer to (Opens in a new window).

Please also note that Police in Queensland have the power to issue fines and demerit points to riders just as they do motorists, so please familiarize yourselves with these road rules. The committee and ride leaders reserve the right to eject riders from the club who break the rules on any of our club rides or for behaving in a dangerous or uncourteous manner to other road users or fellow club members.

Here is a refresher on QLD Transport rules that apply to riders.

Offences common to both bicycle riders and motorists include:

. failing to stop at a red traffic light

. disobeying a 'no U-turn' sign at an intersection

. failing to stop at a 'stop' sign at an intersection

. using a mobile phone

Common offences specific to bicycle riders include:

. failing to give way to pedestrians on a footpath or shared path

. failing to display a light at night or in hazardous weather conditions

. failing to wear an approved helmet

The following link outlines the fines that can apply to cyclists: (Opens in a new window)

Note also that the rules state that pedestrians have right of way at all times on walkways and cycle-ways and crossings (Fines apply). We can also ride on pedestrian crossing and traffic lights unless signage says otherwise to "dismount".

Many drivers are of the belief you can legally 'u-turn' at traffic lights. That is false unless there is signage at the intersection advising that u-turns are permitted. Leaders be aware of this when leading rides through intersections with traffic lights.

Road rules vary from state to state and overseas so please contact the relevant authorities in the area for road rules that apply in the area you intend to ride.

Police step up Cycling Safety in Queensland (Safe Passing Law Enforcement between Cars/Cyclists) (Opens in a new Window)

Mobile Phone Demerits also Apply to Cyclists Too (New Laws 1st February 2020)!

Streetsmart Initiatives Mobile Phones (Opens in a New Window). Also I suggest trying the Bicycle Quiz from the Bicycle Link at the bottom of this page.

Riding Etiquette Adopted by our Club for Safety (Our Club Culture)

A couple of dangerous practices we want to change is 1) riders not stopping at a stop-sign and 2) Riding past the lead rider who has stopped.

If you are riding in the middle or at the back of a ride group beware that the lead rider is required to stop at a Stop Sign and you need to slow down to avoid a collision.

The same principle applies at a round-about. Beware that the lead rider could stop, you need to slow down to avoid a collision and ideally ride safely behind the lead rider through a round-about.  

Our Club has the title touring (not racing) in the name and its important to reflect on what this implies.  Tour-riding is about riders staying together, supporting each other and respecting the safety of fellow riders. The SCBTC is a club for members to enjoy riding in the company of like-minded people.

Important to a successful culture is being respectful to fellow club members and not using inappropriate language or riding dangerously.

If members experience riding behaviour that they believe is unacceptable from another rider then they should bring it to the attention of the ride leader or the management committee for action.

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  All documents on this page are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Format. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat installed, you can download it from here.